QuickIO.NET is an extension for the .NET Framework to provide faster file operations.
To offer you a simple use and an easy integration QuickIO.NET methods lean against the ones provided by the .NET Framework.

Requirements .NET 2.0 or higher
License Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

Main features

  • ⇒  Much faster browsing of folder structures (up to 30x faster)
  • ⇒  Lightning-fast retrieve of metadata of folders, files, and directory structures
  • ⇒  File chunk support for reading, comparisons and hashing.
  • ⇒  Data transfer services monitored file and directory copy/move with progress events
  • ⇒  Custom service and job support (via extensions and own implementation)
  • ⇒  Long path support (UNC paths) up to 32767 characters
  • ⇒  Calculate checksums of files and file chunks
  • ⇒  Fully tested source code using UnitTests
  • ⇒  Nearly identical signature of methods. So a simple replacement is possible
  • ⇒  Async Operations (requires .NET 4.0)
  • ⇒  Multiple releases from .NET 2.0 to .NET 4.5


QuickIO.NET is published under Microsoft Public License.

QuickIO.NET is completely free for private and commerical usage.
There are no instructions on the use of QuickIO.NET prescribed; I would nevertheless happy about a nomination.

Performance Comparison

QuickIO.NET avoids unnecessary, duplicate checks and can provide an increased performance compared to standard methods of the .NET framework.

Performance Comparison


Download the latest version of QuickIO.NET here or use NuGet:

PM > Install-Package QuickIO.NET


I am a software developer with focused on high-performance web applications in ASP.NET, clouds and Microsoft Azure.
I have no contact with Linux environments. Therefore, I have lost track of Mono support.
If someone agreed to integrate Mono support, so please get in touch with me.

Code Support

Please do not contact me if you have trouble with QuickIO by email.
Report bugs only on QuickIO's GitHub site.

For integration support into your application use QuickIO's OnlineHelp or a forum of your choice.